The 15 Year Adventure

It has taken me 15 years to pack for my first solo overseas adventure. When I was in my early 20’s I finished a uni degree that had totally uninspired me, broke up with my boyfriend of three years, rented a house on my own and started working three jobs to save money to go... Continue Reading →

Playing Big

Tonight I'll do what I haven't done for a while. I'll drink wine. More than one, less than four. Probably not standard serves But just serves worthy of an ending and a celebration. I play some music, put on a pretty dress. Light some candles, dance with myself. It's a wake, a birthday and a... Continue Reading →

Late one night in May 2017…

Creature of the sun, the cold weather and long nights have set in, so begins the deep dive into dark corners of your mind, dragged by the weight that lies on your heart space. Red moon woman, full moon is here. Deep dive becomes uncontrollable falling, tangling into the darkness. Embrace it, Embrace it, You... Continue Reading →

I have to take a risk today…

To embrace change, we need to be fearless and a little bit crazy, so that the uncomfortable feeling and those 'come back to safety' gremlins don't drag us away from discovering new worlds. I've slayed the mermaid that tried to drown me, many of the crew have abandoned ship and now I'm standing in the... Continue Reading →

A quick note from Becca

I am speaking to a number of women these last few days that are feeling a bit wobbly, who need a hug, who are crying tears in quiet corners because they feel fragile, feel scared, feel tired, feel stressed, feel lonely. Beautiful wild women, this is OK. Here I am, sipping chai with you. Being... Continue Reading →

Woman Crush Wednesday – Helen Mirren

Woman Crush Wednesday. Helen Mirren is on my list of inspiring, feminist, rad and totally awesome females in this universe. I am having extensive daydreams recently about this huge dinner I would hold with all these amazing women in one room, that would go all night and be full of insane conversations, laughter, tears and... Continue Reading →

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