2018 One Month Kickstart

Coaching Program

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If one month in 2018 could sprinkle stardust on every month that follows, how good would that be?

Every month I offer one woman a chance to kickstart something – a dream, a vision, a feeling, a change in behaviour, whatever is burning in your belly even if you don’t know exactly what it is.  We kickstart it by supercharging your mind, body and soul through intuitive coaching practices I have gathered from around the globe.

Each week for four weeks we will do unique 1:1 coaching sessions that will gather stardust and momentum to you until you skyrocket into the next 12 months fully empowered and standing nourished from head to toe.  Sessions can be done in person if you are Adelaide based, or via zoom video calls if you are based elsewhere.

Expressions of Interest for the first half of 2018 (Jan – June) are now open.  Investment is $660 including GST and payment plans are available.

Places are limited so email me at or call +61 414 844 425 to find out more.

Rewilding Women 

1-on-1 Coaching Program

Rewilding women door Bec croppedLet’s spend two months on you.

Let’s crack you open, clean you out and fill you back up with all the things you really love.

Let’s press the pause button and have a reality check.

Let’s wave goodbye to the past and paint a masterpiece inside your headspace for the now.

Let’s go on a treasure hunt down the rabbit hole for the missing piece of the puzzle.

Let’s go from good, to great, to pure fucking stardust.

Let’s rewrite the next two months into something that you will never forget.

The Spring Rewilding Women Coaching Program is currently underway and the magic is almost palpable.  I am totally loving the feel of this program, the two months of momentum building and standing hand in hand to face some really deep and cool stuff together.  I asked the beautiful Ali after our third session how she was feeling and she just looked at me wide eyed and said “today was amazing and life changing.  It was beautiful and magical.  I am forever changed.”

Rewilding Women is suitable for women who feel a desire for ‘something more’, who need help pulling all the tendrils of their world together, who are going through change or want to go through change, who have been healing and are ready to uplevel even more or for women who are just tired of the same old shit and want to create more joy in their lives.

The program will involve an initial merging session between us, to tailor the program especially for what you are craving, followed by 7 weekly 1-on-1 sessions like you have never experienced that will deep dive into mind, body and soul. Support, love and laughter will be ongoing and magic will be made.

Investment is $1,320 including GST and payment plans are available.

The summer program will begin at the start of February.  Places are limited so email me at or call +61 414 844 425 to find out more.

I can’t wait to nourish you.

Becca xo

(Download the Rewilding Women Spring Coaching Program flyer here)


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