Late one night in May 2017…

Creature of the sun, the cold weather and long nights have set in, so begins the deep dive into dark corners of your mind, dragged by the weight that lies on your heart space.

Red moon woman, full moon is here. Deep dive becomes uncontrollable falling, tangling into the darkness.

Embrace it,
Embrace it,
You will have strength, not despair.

Use the fire, use the hours.
Ask your body and soul
What do you need?
You are safe
All is as it should be.

Last night I lay in front of my fire and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. I napped here, woke up, read some books, stared at the flames, made a spell, meditated, let my mind wander and eventually found myself warmed back through all parts of my soul and peaceful enough to go to bed, still watching those flames flicker. Today I feel like that fire has lodged in my heart space and is burning, driving me towards a next phase of something. I have a sense of ‘wholeness’ I haven’t had for almost 20 years.

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