Winter is Coming — In Real Life, Not Just Game Of Thrones

There are, believe it or not, similarities to winter in Game of Thrones and my pending winter here in sunny South Australia.

I admit, I haven’t had to break out the animal fur jacket and probably won’t have to. Snow isn’t keeping me indoors but there will likely be fires to keep warm before the season is out because 10 degrees celcius is freezing to any real Aussie. I am not aware of anyone plotting to kill me and I don’t have any claims to any thrones, neither is there a giant ice wall in my backyard or an abnormally good looking boy or girl keeping my sleeping arrangements warm (yet — but the night is dark and full of terrors so I’ll keep that statement pending for now).

However it is getting darker and distinctly less warm and I do feel a pressing need to have a closer look around me before I get hemmed in with shutting down and plodding through the colder months. My intuition is telling me now is the time for some release of stuff that no longer serves me. And I always listen to my intuition. If characters in the Game of Thrones did that, a lot less blood would be shed I’m thinking.

Glaringly obvious is my need to face up to facts. Kind of like the trustworthiness levels of Petyr Baelish, which is to say we know the pretty icing is covering a pile of shit and it’s better not to eat that cupcake of lies. For a while I’ve been plodding away at some stuff that I really don’t enjoy for some flimsy reasons and I am getting increasingly insistent intuition slaps that I need to let that go and move on. For me that means moving writing up a priority notch, money making activities (scarily) down a notch and rearranging some lifestyle choices to accommodate that move. Thank you Winter, I am ready and not taking up Littlefinger’s suggestion of a dodgy marriage.

Nope. Just Nope.

Secondly is some releasing of old relationships that no longer serve me. Yes, I am in the friends-with-my-ex scenario and moving into the four month mark. Yes, it is all OK…for now. Realistically we are looming ever closer towards the new hook up space for either one of us, of which neither of us are ready to face as friends. So it is time to make like Arya Stark and jump ship to get lost in the crowd of the unknown. Honestly, I am looking forward to moving on and hope he is too, but it doesn’t mean I need to have a phonecall tomorrow to spend time informing either one of us that the healing process will be stalled by forced happiness for the other person, when really happiness will be found in the bottom of one of Tyrion Lannister’s beer jugs.

Or I drown the things I know. Best to deal with them now perhaps.

Lastly I need to spend some time channelling my inner Daenerys Targaryn. Not only because my 6 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy now eats as much as a black dragon, but also because I need to find some energy to walk through fire, command some troops to battle and conquer some cities soon. Metaphorically talking, the place is my soul in this instance but you get the drift. My intuition tells me the time for me to cultivate my passions quietly at home is at an end and I am going to take them out to the world. I am excited, but fearful and so need to spend this winter getting reared up for a big venture in the coming spring. Hopefully some handsome bearded men and wise, powerful women will walk the journey with me.

Pretty much me come spring, except the brunette version.

All in all, Winter IS Coming and I am going to get ready for it so the spring is that much sweeter.

I See You.

Balanced Becca

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