Drinking Coffee Alone on the Weekend

I wonder what you are doing in this moment when you aren’t here drinking coffee with me.

I wonder when I get up in the morning and get dressed what you would do at the sight of my naked body.

I wonder what you would make us for breakfast.

I wonder what sort of jocks you wear, if they are the little shorts I like.

I wonder what we would talk about as we walk to the café, while we were waiting for our order, on the stroll home along the beach.

I wonder what you would do while I did a bit of work, or wrote a story on my laptop.

I wonder what you would do when I came over and snuck a kiss in for no reason.

I wonder what you would think of the way I rearrange the lounge.

I wonder if you exercised today and how you smelt, what you are wearing after your shower and if I like it.

I wonder what your smile would look like when I say I love you.

I wonder what you would suggest for dinner, if you would cook tonight or would I.

I wonder what you would think when I told you I want to go to a concert in Melbourne in two weeks.

I wonder what you would tell the kids when they were fighting and how you would make the littlest one laugh to get her out of the slump she was in.

I wonder what you love about each of them, what you see in them that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

I wonder if we would watch a movie tonight or read books together on the couch.

I wonder if you know how I like my cup of tea.

I wonder what filled your mind today, what thoughts you were having about the news or our life together.

I wonder when we fight, how we make up.

I wonder how I would let you know I appreciated you and that the mere sight of your bare chest made me feel butterflies in my tummy.

I wonder what I would see in your eyes when we just looked at each other.

I wonder what it would feel like to get into bed and into your arms.

I wonder where Nora the puppy sleeps now you are here.

I wonder if you would still fill my dreams if you were real.

I wonder who you are and when you will find me.

I see you.

Balanced Becca

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