“I’m not creative” – Well, I call bulls*&t

I’m the sort of person who dabbles in creativity as a way to express myself. My preferred method is writing, hence this collection of stories. I also paint and draw a bit, pretend I’m a dancer by taking contempory dance lessons and do crafty stuff like make dreamcatchers or simple things like that.

Many of my friends say to me ‘oh, but you are creative. I’m not.’

I call bulls*&t.

I look at these amazing women and men who say they aren’t creative and all I hear is ‘I have steryotyped creativity according to society’s definition.’

The Oxford Dictionary defines creative as:

“Relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.”

If we go by this definition, anything you do by tapping into your subconscious and bringing that to life is creative. Imagination. We all have it, right? Everyone I know has dreams for themselves and their future and by this very definition their dreams are an action of creativity.

The second part of being creative is to create ‘something’. So the act of having a dream isn’t being creative in itself. You have to take action around it. Now, I don’t know anyone who isn’t dreaming of something they want in the future and taking steps to make it happen.

Once upon a time I worked in administration at the very basic level. I answered phones and wrote meeting minutes, sorted the mail. I had a dream to become a manager and started taking steps to achieve this. 20 years on I run my own business, manage projects, have and still do work in executive roles for companies and sit on committees and boards.

If you look at my CV my career path has more twists and turns than a M. Knight Shyamalan movie, with a less scary ending. I was creative about making my dreams come true and still am.

Another example is the girl I saw sitting on the tram the other night. I was coming home from an International Cricket Match and she was dressed in these amazing silver pants and flowing white top, her hair was impeccibly styled and her makeup perfect. She had this odd twist with bohemian shoes and bag and was reading a real life book. She looked like a piece of art, a beautiful picture.

I have no doubt when she got dressed to do whatever she went to do, she thought very carefully about her outfit and her look. She oozed her own personal style, unique and classy and hippie all mixed into this fantastic image that sat before me. She was creative about how she presented herself.

When your children, if you have them, get dressed in weird and wonderful outfits that makes you doubt your ability to take them out in public, they are being creative. When you redecorate your loungeroom and fall in love with the new space, you are being creative. When you retell a story to friends over dinner, you are being creative. When someone cooks you a new meal they wanted to try, they are being creative. When a teacher tries a new method in a classroom to teach something, they are being creative. When your child sets up their first instagram account and starts posting pictures, they are being creative. CREATIVITY IS IN EVERYTHING WE CREATE.

Exactly. No idea who to credit these words to but I tip my hat to them.

So, before you go and make the statement “I am not creative” I challenge you to reconsider your steryotype of what a creative person is. If you have some sort of a dream or image in your head and you make it happen in some way, you are being creative. You are bringing to life something that didn’t exist before and is completely original to you.

And the world needs more people who embrace their power to be unique, express their authentic truth and own it to their very core by saying “I am creative”.

I see you.

Balanced Becca.

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