Incense and the Wind

I haven’t written a story for a while and this one is a bit different. It’s a proper story, a piece of fiction that I’ve been dreaming about for a while. I hope you enjoy and I would like to dedicate it to the men out there who are embracing the rise of strong women and the rise of their own selves into partnerships of magic and balance and unity.

The wind whipped around her dress as she stood on the shoreline, her hair wild and uncontrolled and her dress whipping up her thighs in a strong gust. A wave crashed against the shore, not so much kissing it but passionately claiming it as its own. Like the way she kissed him.

What a romantic thought, he smiled to himself. So unlike him. Or was it so like him, but he never let it bubble to the surface? It had only been five weeks but Merry had brought something out in him he had never held before in his own hands, in his own soul, in his own truth.

She skipped over, gave him a gentle hug and then settled into his shoulder and they watched the sun dip below the horizon in the way it does, taking its time and then suddenly dashing for cover at the last minute. There one minute and gone the next. Like so many precious moments in time.

Her weight against his side was warm, solid, supporting. He liked it. While he knew she was lapping up the safety of his presence and putting down the barriers that she showed the world, trusting him to protect her, he had no delusions it was really him who was being supported. I choose you, her body said to him.

She smelt like sandlewood. She always smelt like sandlewood, her house smelt like it and so did her bed. It was like she was made of incense and embodied it’s powers thoughout the day. He had looked up what sandlewood was good for ‘in hippie terms’ as he called it. It had been used as a meditation tool for thousands of years, stimulating sensuality, granting awareness, invoking tranquility and awakening divine thoughts within. It was claimed to promote profound relaxation, enhance trust, and self-identity, promote energy and enthusiasm in life and positivity. Yes, she was definitely made up of sandlewood.

Since meeting Merry he had discovered a fulfillment that he had been craving but hadn’t known was missing. Merry had opened up to him about two weeks after they had looked at each other with their protective barriers down and seen something in each other that had been hiding before. Her life had both incorporated big ups and big downs, but mostly a lot of downs until recently. When she walked him through her years to date he had wondered at her big smile. How had it survived? How had she?

His own story was a lot plainer. Very focused, very sensible, very common. His final tick was a woman to share his success with, he looked at his friends and wondered who she would be. However, he had walked it all with a sense of something bigger waiting and no girl had felt quite right. He didn’t realize it was Merry until that look and over the last few months that feeling had grown to a point where he had almost got scared and pulled the blanket back up over his eyes again.

Something stopped him though. Merry talked a lot about vibration, about the universe, about manifesting what you really want without realizing. He had realized he wanted her in his life, and what that meant was that he would have to face his biggest fear.

Merry was a strong woman. That was why her smile still shone as bright as a summer sun. He realized that it was easy for young girls to shine with their youthful exuberance, but for a woman like Merry, with a story like hers, shining was made from facing madness and not only surviving, but learning to thrive. To be in her life, he would have to be strong too or they wouldn’t last.

Without consciously knowing, Merry was challenging him to grow and be her equal. She didn’t need him, but she wanted him in her life. She could look after herself, her children, her friends perfectly well. Only, she wanted to look after him too, and be looked after.

He would be her protector, but she would also be his. She would always lead the way of their life and he would have to follow her rule, in a subtle way that relied strongly on his strengths to make her leadership work. When she suffered, he needed to support her but not fix it for her. When she was tired, he needed to comfort her but not take over. In return, she would create a joyous life that would be full of magic and the smell of sandlewood.

He wrapped his arm around Merry and smiled. She was a Queen, a wild woman, a witch, a healer, a mystic, and he was simply a man. But what a man he could be with Merry to guide him! A man of true long lasting power. Balanced power. Connected power. Unlimited power.

No, there would be no blanket for him. He would face his fear and be strong. He would defy the role the world told him to play and take up the role that a woman like Merry offered, a man who would know his own self fully, who was strong, who was loved and freely expressed love. His wind carried his fear away and he knew that in time, he too would smell like sandlewood.

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