Let me see hands raised for women who are scarred,

For the women who gave it all and got nothing.

For the women with pregnant bellies and a lover who worships them,

For the mumma working two jobs and falling asleep over breakfast.

For the girls who are scared of their futures,

For the teens wondering if they will be enough.

For the older women who worry they have wasted their days,

For the ladies who realize they gave it up for love.

For the chicks who work hard to make it work,

For the ones fighting illness.

For the beauties with disabilities,

For the masses of of us who wonder if self love is unattainable.

I see you

You are doing alright

Better than alright.

You are on your journey,

And your journey is mine.

I walk with you,

Every step you take.

I will step with you,

When you have nothing.

You have me,

You have us.

You are a wolf.

You are a lioness.

You are an eagle.

You are a fierce warrior.

You are our pack.

I promise.

I see you.

Balanced Becca

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