If you’ve been on a road trip, you’ve cast a spell before.

There is that love of the road disappearing behind me, the endless roads untraveled ahead of me. Roads I’ve been on before baring their familiar landmarks, the unknown wonder approaching or the favorite memories in either direction.

I’ve noticed over the years peoples favorite stories are of travelling. Discussion always turns to something that happened to someone, somewhere other than home. People’s worldliness is often measured in how much of this planet we have seen, whether it be by plane, car, bus, bike or foot. I’m not a worldly traveller, I’ve always felt lacking in that conversation department as I don’t have tales of adventures in far flung places. But I’ve seen more of Australia than many other Australian people have. I’ve got a lot, lot more of it to see yet.

I couldn’t find the other players unfortunately!

I’ve been blessed to do much of it by road, seeing the things that other people miss and meeting the people that hide amongst our great expanse of countryside. It is why I love working in agriculture so much. The people are as interesting and varied as the landscape they occupy. It is time I started acknowledging that, although I have a lot to learn about other countries and it is definitely on my to-do list, I know a damn lot about my country in my soul and heart and that is something to be proud of too.

I was raised in a very tiny country town. My world was about the size of an 80km radius from some hectares of land that I could have drawn you a map with so much detail, you would have felt like you knew it too. As a child, the 5km around my family home was an entire world. Patches of trees were forests from far-flung imaginary lands. The pet cemetery held stories I could have told you to made you laugh and cry all at once. The dusty sheep yards and dams were the location of many adventures most people travel the world to find. Most of my favorite memories happened in red dirt, golden crops and under wise gum trees.

I live in the city now, by the ocean and her ever changing moods. I am at home here for this moment, watching her roll in and out on a daily basis. I am currently a creature of sand and salt and wind. I love the hustle and bustle of traffic and different architecture and diverse population. But my heart lies in deep roots and new shoots, the smell of rain after a long, hot spell and the sound of frogs in a river bed. I miss blankets of stars. I know that is where I will eventually find ‘home’ and the fickle ocean will become a travelling destination when I need to feel the beating of a more fierce mistress in my heart for periods of time.

I think our endless fascination with travelling is a desire to connect with something more primal. We want to be a part of something bigger, something wilder, something that will get us physically out of our comfort zone so our conscious and unconscious mind can expand and reach new awareness. Everyday magic is a lot about expanding your awareness to the teaching that is around you and I cannot recommend highly enough travelling near and far to do that.

I have a dream to live out of a van for a while, travel where life takes me and spend my days writing with a different view on a constant basis. I think if I had to pause myself in a moment, it would be an evening as the sun is setting, camping ground set up, stars appearing and my favorite people around me. No walls, no material possessions other than what is needed at that moment and no distractions to being present in that part of time. I often stare into flames, as many do, and feel that they have a message for me. I don’t understand it completely but I do know this. As that fire burns from the lifeforce of earth and air, and I sip on something wet and cool, my spirit finds the elements in perfect harmony and I feel a deep sense of peace.

A night that was completely unplanned and just perfect

When was the last time you went somewhere new, even for a day? When was the last time you walked or drove down a new street, a new track, a new stretch of beach? I can’t afford to jump on a plane and go see a new country right now, but I can afford to jump in my car and drive an hour to a national park and go for a walk. My children don’t get to play in a backyard of rolling hills every day like I did, but they get to camp in swags and visit different locations on a regular basis, for a weekend or a week, or walk through botanical gardens full of amazing plants and mother nature pushing back the concrete, or along alleys full of incredible street art and buskers doing their thing.

Travel, big or small. It is the best lesson we can give our souls.

I see you,

Balanced Becca

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