Lammas Celebrations and Vibrational Setting

It is Lammas people. Get out your wheat sheaves and give thanks to the bountiful harvest everyone! Lammas is the time of the year when you give thanks to all the beautiful things that have come to fruition over the past year. It happens around the start of February each year in the Southern Hemisphere. As an ex-farmer, harvest is a great time. It means our hard work pays off as we sell our grain and see all the rewards of a really hard year of work. Golden crops turned into actual gold.

Wait. Oh crap. So 2017 had had a bit of a ‘fall flat on your face and expose your grandma knickers to the world’ kind of start hey? Well, I hear you.

I started this year off with, and I quote:

“This year, Edmund* and I will finally get our dream life.”

Then Edmund broke up with me.

Oh crap. Yes. Not the bountiful harvest I was planning on celebrating.

But that is the funny thing about being a witch, magic doesn’t listen to words. It listens to vibrations. For four years Edmund and I had been trying to get our shit together and build a little blended family life that was full of rose petals and sitting around admiring our fantastic view. Gold was our primary barrier.

We had a long distance relationship that involved all that great stuff you get with a LDR (and if you are looking at that acronym and rolling your eyes, I hear you sista). We had stress, we had tension, we had frustration, we had disappointment, we had unmet needs emotionally and physically, we had pressure to be 24/7 FUCKING SPARKLES WHEN TOGETHER.

I moved into a bigger house and kept a closet empty for Edmund for the big move. He coordinated no personal time around no personal time to give me personal time. We overplanned, then consciously underplanned, time together. That, if you are not a LDR expert, means you just overplan on your own instead of together. Read ‘daydream unrealistic expectations’ here.

I read back my journaling now and all my vibrations I was sending out to the universe were screaming “get me out of this before I go insane!!!”. I thought that would mean LRD would be terminated and I would wake up next to Edmund every day in a magazine worthy bliss. Instead it meant I would wake up next to Nora every day for the foreseeable future, the puppy Edmund and I got because we couldn’t work out how to breed a human together due to LDR.

Insert here grieving and being very, very sad. I’ll talk about that some other time. But today we are here for Lammas. Edmund is a pretty amazing person and I am sorry that Love (with a capital L) wasn’t enough to see us through. But the universe knows best and here I am at Lammas having to celebrate the harvest that I actually created through my own vibrational intent.

You see, when you ask the universe to give you something, and you take steps to make it happen, it will happen. But if you are screaming at the universe “I don’t like being in a LDR and I want to be a writer and I am in a motivational and creative rut doing jobs I don’t like” it will sort all those things out for you all in one go. The universe is totally uncaring for the fact that it is creating an emotional nuclear bomb by doing so.

So this Lammas, I am celebrating my harvest. I have time and creativity aplenty to write for you beautiful people. Edmund and I will forge a fantastic relationship based on friendship that will be weird at first, but beautiful one (far far away) day. I no longer am in a LDR that fills my journals with intention to explode my plans for the future, but rather nurture them into beautiful creations. Balance is restored.

Witches, you set your intentions whether it is conscious or not. What Lammas is really about is giving you a moment in time to see how powerful you are at intention setting. Take some time out to reflect on what you wanted to happen and celebrate, and what really happened and you are celebrating. Is it completely out of the ballpark? I suspect not.

So this Lammas, take stock. This year, all of your feelings, your visions, your intention setting, I promise it will come true. One way or another. My advice is to get into alignment, know without a doubt what you truly want and what you don’t. Make a practice of staying in alignment with them, whether it is through meditation, journaling or just the way you talk about your dreams and your life.

Then hang on for the ride!

I see you.

Balanced Becca

*Name changed, obvs. The only Edmund I know was in the Narnia series.

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