Meeting a Witch for the First Time

You walk into your favorite cafe and order a coffee. You turn around and sit down, start to watch the people. There is the suit grabbing a caffine fix on the way to a day at the office, the entrepreneur tapping on a computer or scribbling in a journal at a frantic pace, the Mum with the cute toddler who looks like she’s had zero hours sleep. You sit back, sip on your coffee and open the paper, flick a few pages, look back up. Now there is the group of uni students laughing in the corner over last night’s antics, the couple having breakfast and discussing Ikea furniture, and the woman in the black pointy hat and long black cape waving her magic wand over her banana bread.

Jokes, I very rarely wear my black cape out. It’s just too hot in South Australia for the damned thing. Also, I generally use a knife to spread my butter on my banana bread as my wand is rediculously tempremental.

Modern day witches are disguised as any of the other people you just looked at, we like to go incognito. Witchhunts, need to conform and all that. However, these days everyone is seeming to realize the benefit of a bit of witchyness in their daily life, so it is a bit safer to declare your magical powers publicly. Like on Medium for example.

I am what I call a natural witch. Which is truthfully just a fun way of describing someone who is connecting in with the flow of life, energy, prana, chi, universal law of attraction, spirit, luck or any of those other ‘hippie’ things people babble on about. I don’t do fairies, or goddesses, or deamons. Which isn’t to say those things are crap. I just prefer my magic to be a perfectly timed swarm of bees migrating to new locations to remind me to get out of my comfort zone, a dip in the ocean to clense my soul or the feel of building energy as I move through the fresh morning air during Dru Yoga.

My ‘normal’ personal description is also interesting I suppose. Mid 30’s, country girl who got married young, had kids young, separated young, still battling with trying to get divorced young, lost a true love and suffered heartache and post breakup bad dating young, moved from a farm to the city young, eternal startup struggler, eternal writer and eternal way too deep a thinker.

What I hope to do here is share some of my stories and thoughts about ordinary life. Which is rarely ordinary and contains magic in spades, I find. I’m aiming for three different series of stories

  • Everyday Magic — some stories discussing incorporating the extraordinary into ordinary life, with little things anyone can do to embrace their own inner witch.
  • Mama B and Tommy D — my almost teenage son and I discussing our weird and wonderful thoughts on life.
  • Strong women — how I find this new world of girls and women celebrating their authenticity in a society that is still hell bent on conforming, in an aid to clarify what I wish to teach my own daughters and fulfill my life purpose of helping women thrive daily.

It will hopefully be a bit of fun, but also give everyone some tales to connect over and maybe a bit of witchyness to think about for your own life. My writing is about balance for living with the world around us, the good and the bad parts of everyday life. Hence, Balanced Becca. Also, I’m a Libra and it seemed cool because according to astrology and numerology I am destined for money. Given my bank account is about $360 I felt like I needed to give astrology a reminder of it’s promise to me.

I’d love for you to follow my journey into publishing publicly what has been to date hidden in journals and word documents. I’d love feedback on what you think and what you would like me to write about. I am eternally fascinated about everyday lives, my favorite story of all time is “A Fortunate Life” by AB Facey. Surely such a fantastic tale must be fiction, but no. It is real and that makes it all that more wonderful. We all know that natural storyteller who never put pen to paper and who’s life is lost to memory. For me that was my Nana, so in this undertaking I hope I am honoring her spirit and what she taught me.

So welcome to my world. If we get to be friends and you ever need a black, pointy hat mine is always available to borrow.

I’ll say goodbye with my favorite witchy saying when someone shares their true self, because I think we all need to be acknowledged sometimes.

I see you.

Balanced Becca

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