About Becca

Becca Freeman is a writer, workshop facilitator and coach with a burning desire to create an army of women for this world who are well nourished in mind, body and soul.

Having learnt from many inspiring women across the world, she has gathered their tendrils of wisdom and mingled them with her own lessons learnt with her feet muddy in a paddock, salt drenched by the ocean or pressed hard against baked concrete as she walked through life, preferably barefoot.

Becca states that connection is the greatest gift of all in this world. Her ability to sit with people and create safe, nourishing space for them to explore their innermost fears and dreams is unparalleled. Her techniques to create change and foster nourishment within her clients are unique, intuitive and have the feel of the village wise women of past times, mingled with millennial disregard for how things have always been done.

When not writing in the sunshine or sitting in circle with fellow goddesses, Becca is raising three collections of stardust in Australia, experimenting and deepening her mastery of self nourishment and generally traipsing across this world to collect more life lessons to better serve others.

“When I grow up I want to be a writer.”

~7 year old Becca~

30 years later, Becca is indeed a writer.  Becca invites you to contact her if you are seeking a copywriter or guest writer at negotiable rates. Collaboration is a gift in this world of increasing isolation.  Visit her writing page to sample a few of her recent articles.

“To be magic, to create magic, to see magic: learn nourishment.”


Becca is spending more and more of her magical days working with women in workshops and through coaching.  She sees this as an extension of her writing; channelling love, connection and communication beyond the written word to personal interactions.  Visit her workshop and coaching pages to learn more about upcoming opportunities to work with Becca.  She also invites you to get in contact if you require a speaker for an event, or to tailor a workshop for your specific requirements.

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